The Breakaway – My Story

My Autobiography is due for release on 31 July 2014. Writing it has been another challenge as I have attempted to reflect my journey through cycling from the female perspective. I have started it with a look at what inspired me, the growing women’s scene, moves towards equality, the chance to ride the great classics and great races, regardless of gender, the wonder of this most enchanting of sports. Then I describe my own career, my successes and failures, my high moments, my injuries, operations and crashes. I also describe the polluting and cancerous effect of performance enhancing drugs. I have also charted the reaction of the universally male management within cycling both at a British level and at UCI level, where not only were so many opportunities lost, but often things that worked well were neglected and ignored so that they would decay. At many stages it was a very tough write, this is no saccharine fairy story, it couldn’t be, a woman, in macho man territory, but I hope you like it.

Available in hardback, paperback and ebook, see the Simon & Schuster website for further details.

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  • Sunday Times Sport Book of the Year 2014
  • Finalist William Hill Sport Book of the Year
  • SweetSpot Book of the Year

Cycle for Life

I wrote this book in 2008 with the aim to pass on my passion for cycling to help newcomers and experienced cyclists alike to get the most of riding. Whether you are a social rider, tourist, commuter, sportivist or racer you will find info on what bike to buy and how to set it up. There’s also guidance on nutrition and training plans for both beginners and serious athletes.

It is available from book shops or you can buy it online with this direct link to